We are particularly to keen to develop and expand our trade relationships with other Dealers


We are always keen to develop our trade relationships with other Dealers. If you require a regular supply of a more specific type or style of goods, please do let us know. We have an extensive network of worldwide contacts to call on.

We already do this through our Antique Fair Outlets, where we meet up with many regular trade clients who have pre-arranged “Job Lots” or “Supply to Order” parcels, e.g. ENPS Gallery Trays, 3&4 Pce EPNS Tea Services, Antique Folding Bellows-style Cameras, Antique Cane Salmon & Trout Fishing Rods, Boxed and loose bundles of EPNS Cutlery, and much more. However, we are keen to establish and develop additional Remote Supply to Order client relationships and Individual (by appointment) visits to our Trade Base in Essex.

If you are a dealer from the UK, Europe, The Far East and North America, who already works in this way or who would like to consider establishing this type of operation, we would like to know how we can help. We would be able (subject to availability) to supply “Trade Parcels” of a wide variety and mix of items. We would be happy to discuss this further should you feel we may have something to offer. At this stage we are not in a position to hold and fill whole containers, but would be happy to supply part or palletised loads either for delivery to your distribution/shipping base or for collection by you or your agent from us. Also, if you would prefer, we can arrange for you to visit our Essex base, where you can view and choose from the stock that is available.

Payment Information

Payment for items not purchased from the Centre can be made via PayPal or remote Debit/Credit card.

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Delivery Information

Where items are purchased directly from me, there may, in certain circumstances be a short delay in dispatching your item, you will be advised if this is the case. In addition, many items can be delivered by me ( costs would vary depending on distance) or can be collected by appointment.

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Selling and buying antiques from across the UK. Find me at @ScottishAntiqueCentre, @Antiquesfairs and @arthurswallowfairs.

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Due to work load on the face to face selling (SAAC@Doune and Fairs) it has not been possible to flesh out the web site content. For the immediate future there will be more images of individual items for sale at the Doune Centre appearing on the Instagram feed as well as the general updates.